Canadian Bar Fights w/ Chris Liddle

This Week’s Episode Is A Canadian Conversation With My Canadian Spirit Animal Chris Liddle.  Chris Is A Trainer, Host of The Lifestyle Chase Podcast, and Fantastic Human Being All Around . Chris Puts Out Nothing But Good Vibes and A Positive Message.  In This Episode We Talk Everything From The Amazing Alex McBrairty, Canada and All of It’s Amazingness, Caring About The Whole Person, Podcasting & Fitness, Cookies, and More! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

  • A Discussion On The Many Reasons That Canada Is Amazing 

  • The Desire To Make People Better Inside and Outside of The Gym 

  • Caring About People and Elevating Each Other

  • The Edmonton Oilers & Detroit Red Wings…Going Strong Since ’95

  • Being There In A Canadian Bar Fight Even If You Don’t Want To 

  • Leaving The Oil Industry and Allowing The Path To Health & Fitness To Find Chris

  • Having An Iron Work Ethic Wins Over Talent

  • Figuring Out How You Overcome When You Hit A Wall In Life 

  • Seeking Out and Learning Leadership From All of The Top Sources 

  • Edmonton and All Of It’s Fantastic Diversity Is Helping Canada Thrive 

  • Appreciating What You Have With Where You Are…Whether It Be Alberta or Michigan 

  • The Value of Better Communication Is Truly Priceless

  • Getting Away From Technology and Committing To Real Life Interactions

  • Tim Hortons, Buddha Bowls, Cookies, Spinning, Flexible Ice Cream, and More! 

This Episode Is A 3 Way Conversation With The One And Only Superhuman Alex McBrairty, My Canadian Spirit Animal Chris Liddle, and Myself! Times Are Most Certainly Crazy Right Now For Everyone In The World and Sometimes A Simple Chat Amongst Friends Offers The Greatest Sense of Normalcy.  There's No Direction To The Topics or Agenda On This Podcast…We Talk About The Virus A Little Bit But Really Are All Over The Place From Snacking Tips & Favorites, At Home Workouts, Outlook On Life, Animated Movies, French Toast vs. Pancakes, Meal Timing, Video Games, Imposter Syndrome, Becoming The Person Your Future Self Would Love, and Much Much More! Unwind, Detach From The Chaos, and Checkout The Chatter Amongst International Peeps! Yes Indeed! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Talking Life and Being Positive In The Midst of Weird Times 

  • Putting Yourself or Your Capabilities Out There To Help Others 

  • The French Toast vs. Pancakes Debate…And What To Have As Your Sides

  • Tips For Not Snacking When Solitude and Boredom Sets In

  • Married Life Is Amazing…There's No Other Way To Describe It

  • Doing Things Now For Your Future Self 

  • Playing Video Games Could Make A Comeback…Is That Good or Bad

  • Eating Changes When Workouts Change 

  • Connecting Remotely To People Is Critical For Maintaining Goodness All Over

  • Imposter Syndrome & The Inner Dialogue We Have With Ourselves 

  • Is A Pandemic Analogous To Getting Married?

  • Socratic Questioning Could Get You Over A Hangup

  • Missing Out On Exercise Classes Is Missing Out On Mental Therapy With Family

  • Good People Attract Good People…Seek Em Out If Needed

  • Peanut Butter, Causing A Grocery Scene, Looking Deeper Into Animated Movies, Great Beards, And More!

This Episode Brings Back The 2 Best Looking Trainers In North America Mr. Chris Liddle and Mr. Alex McBrairty To Partake In The First Over-Hyped, Under-Hyped, or Baby Bear's Porridge Hyped Episode! In This Episode We Do A Quick Life Catchup From These 2 Hooligans and Then We Give Our Opinions ON Whether Specific Topics, Things, Events, & Anything In Between Either Gets Too Much Hype, Not Enough Hype, or The Perfect Amount of Hype! Rapid Fire Doesn't Exist With These 2 Dudes So We Get Through A Few Topics…All of Which Are Awesome! Yes Indeed! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • How Life's Been Recently and What It Looks Like Moving Forward

  • Re-entering The World As The Restrictions Begin To Subside

  • The Need To Build Up The Backside

  • Avocados And Their Fragile Timeline But Unique Diversity

  • Using Dumbbells Appropriately Can Be Transformative…But Are They?

  • Foam Rolling Is Potentially A Giant Waste of Time

  • Foam Rolling Is Potentially A Game Changing Use of Time

  • Pizza Is Great In Every Form, Style, Toppings, Etc…It's Just Great

  • Pineapple On Pizza Should Be A Staple In Everyones Repertoire

  • Meet Up With Friends and Tell Someone You Love Them

  • Netflix Essentially Has No Time Limit…Just Try

  • There's A Lot of Shows That Are Probably A Big Waste of Time

  • Bumper Bowling, The Fresh Prince, Avocado Ice Cream, Pasta On Pizza… And More!

This Episode Is A Double Dip of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic and The Lifestyle Chase Podcast As I'm Joined With The Canadian Powerhouse Known As Chris Liddle For A Little Chat About All Things Health, Fitness, Food, Happiness, Doing Good, Coke Zero, and Plenty of Other Awesome Things.  As Is The Case With Every Chat With Mr. Liddle We Go All Over The Place But Really Hone In On Some Significant Issues That We Find Very Important and Maybe Even Give Some Good Insights Into How They May Be Helpful In Your Life  We Talk About Everything From Assault Bikes To Blocks of Cheese, and Even Get Into Some Some More Overhyped, Underhyped, & Baby Bear's Porridge Hyped Things…It's Just An All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Recent Reasons For Happiness

  • A Day of Eating and Working Out With Chris Liddle

  • Allowing Your Workouts To Spark Interest In Nutrition…and Vice Versa 

  • Performance Goals Can Be A Great Addition To Your Life

  • Not Setting Limits On How Far You Will or What You Can Accomplish

  • There's Talented People At Every Age…Go Another 30 Percent

  • Using Google Calendar To Improve Your Life Forever

  • Don't Forget Where You Started, Because It's Really Awesome

  • We Don't Know What We Don't Know, and Perspective Can Be Missing

  • Using Resources To Add Experience Into Your Life and How It Aligns With Values

  • Artificial Sweetener Risk Is Over, Under, or Baby Bear's Porridge Hyped…But Which One?

  • Float Tanks Are Is Over, Under, or Baby Bear's Porridge Hyped…But Which One?

  • Find Your Zen & Calm And Be Transformed

  • We All Have A Message and Unique Abilities…Own Them and Let Them Out

  • Spread Goodness To The World At All Costs

  • Blocks of Cheese, Not Eating Only Potatoes, Lots of Rabbit Holes, And More!

Checkout Episode 161 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic! This Is Part 2 of A 'Healthy Hype' Breakdown That Has Not Only Special Guest Alex McBrairty But Also Our Canadian Compadre Mr. Chris Liddle…So You Know It's Gonna Be Dope.  This Is The Second Half of A List On Our Opinions Of Whether Or Not Certain 'Healthy Habits/Tricks/Tips/Hacks Are Overhyped, Underhyped, or Baby Bear's Porridge Hyped When It Comes To Living A Life of Health & Wellness That Were Picked Out From A Number of Different Articles On The Webs.  We Get Through The Last 5 Topics Today Which Range From Not Drinking Your Calories, Focusing On Protein, Consistently Weighing Yourself, Supplementing With Shakes, and Creating Meal Plans…But Per Usual There's A Whole Lot More Fun In The Mix. It's Another All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!


Topics Include…

✔️A Three Part Catchup of Happiness

✔️Go To Protein Meals…I.E. Eggs

✔️Halloween Is The Worst…Or Is It?

✔️Take A Positive Mindset Into Everything That You Do

✔️Drinking Water Is A For Sure Win…But Are There Better Calorie Drinks

✔️Alex Is The Smoothie King

✔️Protein Is Paramount, But The Misconceptions Aren't Clearly Exposed

✔️Data Nerds Might Love Weighing Themselves…But Is It Good?

✔️It's Tough To Avoid The Emotional Overload

✔️Supplementing With A Shake Might Be The Best Thing You Could Do

✔️Planning Your Weekly Meals Can Set You Free

✔️Learning Tactics To Build Your Meals With All That You Need Is Fantastic

✔️Disco Dancing, Exposed Shoulders, Christmas Love, Exchange Rates, and More!

Checkout Episode 201 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Which Features The Return of The Canadian Great Chris Liddle To Catch Up On Life and Talk Everything From Calorie Control To Enjoying Life… With A Whole Load of Awesome In Between.  Chris Is A Long Time Friend of The Show But It's Been A Long Time Since We Chatted, So In This Show We Do A Life Catchup and Then Get Into A Whole Bunch Of Topics Ranging From Why It's Important To Attend Weddings and Friend Events, What Chicago Mix Popcorn Is, Managing Calories Depending On What Your Lifestyle Is Currently Like, How To Get In Protein, Scaling Exercise and Eating To You, The Importance of Clarity, Doing Things That Scare You, and Much More!  As Usual There's A Whole Lotta Other Ramblings and It's An All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ What's Been Happening In The Life Of Chris Life Recently

✔️ Attending Weddings With Pizza, Doughnuts, and Popcorn

✔️ Balancing Energy Output With Calorie Intake

✔️ Making Meals Fit Your Life and Being Ok With Experimenting

✔️ Increasing Your Activity Is A Net Win For Vibrancy and Weight

✔️ Being Real With How Much You're Doing and Adjusting Intake Accordingly

✔️ How Chris Gets In All of His Protein Throughout The Day

✔️ Taking Ideas From Other People But Making Them Fit Your Life

✔️ Thing of The Possible Struggles As An Abundance Opportunity

✔️ Fill Your Life With People & Situations That Push You

✔️ Being Clear With Yourself and Others Is The Path To Success

✔️ Getting Over The Lies We Tell Ourselves

✔️ A Challenge To Push Your Limits & Comfort

✔️ Caramel & Cheese Combined, Miles On The Assault Bike, Splitting Up Protein, & Much More!

This Week’s Episode Of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Is A Kickstart To The New Year, and New Decade With My Canadian Spirit Animal…The One and Only Mr. Chris Liddle! Incase You’re Unfamiliar Chris Is An Edmonton Superstar Trainer, Host of The Lifestyle Chase Podcast, Purveyor of Positivity, and All Around Supreme Human Being! In This Great White North Chat We Talk About Everything From Fake Canadian Money, Listening With True Care To Others, Exercising In The Mountains, How Much Life Has Changed and The Men We've Become, Goaltending, and More!…It’s Awesome! I Know You’ll Get A Lot Out of This! Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

  • Good Things That Have Been Happening In The Wonderful World of Alberta

  • Chris Turning Questions Around On Me Subtly….That Tactful Canadian

  • Appreciating The Past Year, Present Successes, and Excitement Over Future Plans  

  • Using Technology To Connect With The World and Grow Relationships 

  • Epic Trips From The Mitten To Edmonton, and From Edmonton To Michigan 

  • Learning From Past Troubling Circumstances and Allowing It To Embrace The Moment 

  • Canadian Tire and Fake Money…Unlike Real Canadian Money (Which Also Seems Fake)

  • The Funniest Person In Canada Might Be Chris’s Brother 

  • Traveling To See Fitness Friends Throughout The World 

  • How To Capture A Loose Tiger With Your Bare Hands 

  • Daily Talks From The Lifestyle Chase & Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Clips From CCC

  • Making Big Changes In Your Life and Turning Your Own Routine Into A Routine For Two

  • Breaking Down What The Heck Boxing Day Actually Is

  • Everybody Has A Wheelhouse…Use Those Skills In All Areas of Life

  • Slinky Dog, Gorp, Hot Sauce, Comparing Skills To Patrick Roy, Hip Thrusts, and More! 

This Is A Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Quick Clip…These Are Short Discussions, Chats, Rants, & Opinions On Random Topics, Subjects, Questions, & Thoughts! Sometimes They're Cool, Sometimes Calm, and Sometimes Chaotic! 

Just Take A Few Quick Minutes To Detach, Smile, & Enjoy Life! 

This Episode Is A Cool Set of 4 Incredible Suggestions On Quick & Easy 'Healthy' And 'Maybe Not As Healthy' Sandwich Options That You Can Make At Home w/ The My Canadian Spirit Animal Chris Liddle! 

This Episode Is A Little Convo With My Great White North Compadre And All Around Good Souled Dude Mr. Chris Liddle.  Like Most All Conversations It Begins With No Real Direction and It Just Kinda Flows Into A Variety of Topics.  Chris Chats About Happiness, Mentors, Monitoring Info, and Being A Hippy! On Top of That We Even Get Into Some More Overhyped, Underhyped, & Baby Bear's Porridge Hyped Things…It's Just An All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Things That Have Brought Recent Happiness

  • Getting Guidance From Different Mentors In Life

  • Monitoring Information & Checking It Against Morals

  • Being Transparent & Honest With Yourself

  • Learning From Everyone and Being Open To Growing Better

  • Being A Hippy In Different Ways

  • Making Coffee Even Better Than It Already Is On Its Own

  • Ways & Reasons To Live A More Philanthropic Life

  • A Dive Into Things That Are Over, Under, and Perfectly Hyped

  • The Benefits of Brunch That Go Beyond Social Media Posts

  • Maybe You Should Be Playing More Video Games

  • Fireworks Are Great, Except For The Opposite

  • It's Not Possible To Hype Denzel Washington Up Enough

  • We Need More Chocolate, 5 Words For The French Press, Unicorn Shows… And More!

Checkout Episode 156 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic! This Is Another Double Dip Episode With Alberta's Own Chris Liddle, and In This Chat We Dig Into More Real Life Issues Than Usual, But Per Usual It's Great.  We Cover Everything From The Stresses of Dealing With Life In A Covid World, Finding Positives, Fake Struggles, The Significance of Taking Care of Yourself, Letting Go Strongholds, Seeking Help, Identifying Values, and About A Gazillion Other Things! I'm Pretty Positive You're Gonna Resonate With At Least One of These Things…It's Just An All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️Going Back To The Grind and Getting Sick

✔️The Fake Struggles That We See Online

✔️We All Have Issues, Just Being Real Carries A Ton of Weight

✔️Getting Over The Insecurities That Can Hold Us Back

✔️Being Confident In Yourself and Where You Stand

✔️There's More To Life Than Just One Thing, Connect With All of It

✔️Seeking Guidance When Needed, and Entertainment When Needed

✔️When Faking It Til You Make It Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

✔️The People That Will Support You In Times of Turmoil

✔️Identifying Your True Values and Putting Your Effort Into Those Specifically

✔️Another Look At Working Hard vs. Hard Work…Know The Difference

✔️Carve Out The Time or Become Lost

✔️Don't Text Your Ex, Unless Your Heart Makes Its Perfectly Clear

✔️Reflecting On Rock Bottom Moments

✔️Some Lessons From The 5 Rules For Life

✔️Teas That Give Us Orange Hair, More Mentor Promotion, Walking Challenges, and More!!

This Episode Is An Answering of Some Health, Fitness, & Life Questions With The Friendly Canadian (Which Is A Redundancy), The One and Only Mr. Chris Liddle.  We End Up Getting To and Giving Some Insight On A Few Questions About Quitting A Pop Habit, Finding Your Weight Loss Calories, Beastie Boys Tracks, Fitness People You Should Follow, & More! However That's All After A Catchup Chat and Rabbit Hole Conversation That Involves Everything From Where To Find Motivation, Our Favorite Quotes, Chewbacca In The Passenger Seat, Books We Have Recently Read, Positive People, and More! There's A Lot To Discuss Here So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ Recent Happiness In The Life of Chris Liddle

✔️ A Lot of Questions About Health, Fitness, & Life Answered

✔️ The Power of Technology To Connect Us To Good Things

✔️ Learning From Anybody and Everybody With Openness

✔️ Applying Yourself To Your Greatest Abilities Will Reap Rewards

✔️ The Inspiration That Comes From Running Across Canada

✔️ Quotes That Give Hope & Quotes That Give Purposed Happiness

✔️ Paul Revere vs. Sabotage… In The End We All Win

✔️ How To Quit A Soda Addiction…or Is It Pop? Yes It's Pop!

✔️The Best Coffees To Drink From The Comfort of Your Own Home

✔️How To Figure Out Your Weight Loss Calories

✔️Finding Your Maintenance May Take Longer But It's A Forever Plan

✔️Do Canadians Learn About United States History?

✔️The Books We've Recently Read That Are Dope

✔️The Deep World of Psycho-Cybernetics…Whatever That Means

✔️Zealots, Emancipators, Disparities, & The Ways To Talk To Anybody

✔️Instagram Accounts That You Should Certainly Follow

✔️Chewbacca, Lovey Dovey-ness, No Crazy Poops, Travels, and Much More!