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August 2021 Podcast Recap

August 2021 was a month filled with podcast episodes. Here's a recap!

Episode 188 - Jordan Syatt, Just Two Bald White Guys Talking About Therapy

Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) has been on the show once before (Episode 70) so we skipped past the origin story, skipped Gary V, and dove right in.

We talked about the importance of your environment and having tools to check on your own well being. Think blood pressure.

Jordan shared some of his experiences in learning to let go of helping everyone (even family) and focusing on the people in front of him who were ready for his help.

We discussed the importance of focussing on the clients you have, not worrying about the rest of the world or who you’ve yet to work with.

We identified how difficult it can be exist on social media when people are looking at what they see through a lens instead of looking for the context behind the person they are looking at.

Does this person have their own struggles? How long have they been doing what they do? Where do they live? What are their experiences?

Jordan is one of the most easily findable personalities in fitness but if you want to track him down, head to @syattfitness on IG as well as most other platforms, or google his name and you’ll be able to go down quite a rabbit hole.

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Episode 189 - Gavin McHale on Leaning In, Reframing The Next Move and Backing Up NHL Teams

Gavin McHale can be found on social media @gavinmchale1. He’s the Founder and Head Coach of Maverick Coaching, and has been in the fitness space for a decade.

We talk about him leaning into change and following his compass to make the connections and go on the adventures necessary to grow as a trainer.

Gavin has had the unique once in a lifetime experience of being a backup emergency goalie for the NHL. He repped a Carolina Jersey and has memories that will likely last a lifetime.

We dove into how to set goals and how to know when your life really isn’t that balanced. We reflected on the value of meditation and writing out our beliefs and what we’re grateful for.

Sometimes you just can’t do everything or sometimes you can lose track of how much time goes into the things that don’t serve you.

If you want to know more about Gavin, you can find him on IG @gavinmchale1

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Episode 190 - Tony Gentilcore on Complimenting Others and Non-Confrontational Introvert Things

Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore on IG) is widely known in the greater fitness industry and is the kind of person who if you took away his social media, he’d still have a large following.

Some of that is to do with the volume of content he has produced, some of it is to do with the amount of presentations he’s done, and I’d be willing to bet, some of it is how he treats every interaction he has.

Granted nobody is absolutely flawless - and we talked about that. We talked about the importance of being yourself, being authentic and staying in your scope of practice.

This episode was honestly packed with takeaways - many people got shout outs and there were a lot of things we talked about that might change how you see a situation.

To learn more about Tony Gentilcore, I highly recommend you check out his website . He’s another person where simply googling his name will give you an abundance of information and resources.

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Episode 191 - Dean Somerset on How To Stay Busy When Boredom Is Disguised as Burnout

This is Dean Somerset’s second appearance on The Lifestyle Chase having last appeared on the show on February 5, 2019.

I describe Dean as the G.O.A.T. of YEG Fitness. He doesn’t always get the recognition I feel he deserves and a number of past guests of the show are actually his clients. So if there was ever any doubt, Dean is the man.

We skipped past the origin story as it’s something we went over in episode 28 and dove right into the topics pertaining to the last year.

If you have ever wanted to grow as a trainer there will be plenty of clues left in this episode as to the things you could do to further yourself.

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Episode 192 - Case Kenny on Not Settling For Less and Letting Your Actions Do The Work

If you are unfamiliar with Case Kenny, you can find him on IG at @case.kenny, head to his website at, and listen to his podcast, New Mindset Who Dis

Case Kenny is best described as a self published author, an experienced speaker, a business owner and a creative.

You could also call him a Dude Bro Guy as it’s a description he’s often used for himself.

You will get a lot more of his back story by going back to Episode 30 of The Lifestyle Chase from February 16, 2019.

In today’s episode we talked about his mindset journals, his music collaborations, turning down deals with Spotify, and writing quotes on coffee cups.

Near the end we talked about what Case would tell someone if they just got ghosted or dumped, and he gave the audience a challenge for the day.

I highly recommend going back to the old episode to see the growth of both Case and myself.

To learn more about Case, give him a follow @case.kenny

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Episode 193 - Carmen Choney on Creating Connections, Staying Loyal, and Being Aware

You miss out on a lot if you focus only on one place, or one person or one thing. This is why The Lifestyle Chase isn’t always a discussion revolving around fitness.

Today’s guest is Carmen Choney or @thatssocarmen on IG. She’s a powerhouse in the country music industry but her job description isn’t limited to one simple title. She thrives when she feels the purpose that life on the road brings, and like everyone, sometimes it tests her to her physical limits.

In this episode we talked about the awareness of self as well as the awareness of others. Being prepared for what could happen is how Carmen has had such a lengthy career.

We talked about the value of having a community you can count on, and the importance of not only focussing on what you notice in people, but in what other people notice.

For some it may be eye contact, yet for others it might be our individual weirdness.

Loyalty and respect was a theme of discussion in our conversation and it applies in anyone’s life. Staying loyal and respecting others is the difference between a 20 year career and a 3 year career.

I hope you get as much value from this conversation with Carmen as I did, and keep your eyes open as she continues to make big moves.

Thanks for listening to or watching The Lifestyle Chase which is available both in audio on all platforms or in video on YouTube.

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Episode 194 - Austin Current, The Episode Where I Convince You To Buy His Book

This is Austin’s 3rd appearance on the show. He was on for Episode 96 in January 2020 as well as Episode 139 in August 2020 with Nick Sorrell (@nicksorrell)

Austin Current, is a published author of the book, Science of Strength Training.

I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase it, I bought it myself, and I was not sponsored or coaxed in any way to have Austin on to talk about his book.

I am either weird, too supportive, or I know a good book when I see one.

Anyways, to learn more about Austin, you can go to (@austincurrent_) on IG, or head to his training company (@physiquedevelopment_) at

To learn more about your host, Chris Liddle, you can follow along @christianliddle, follow the show @thelifestylechase or head to

Episode 195 - Gerard Friedman on Connecting the Dots and Growing To Further Health in the Individual

Gerard Friedman (@bellhouse_fitness_ on IG), MS, ATC, A-CFHC is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Functional Health Coach. Gerard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, and is a certified Functional Health Coach through the ADAPT Functional Health Coach Institute.

Gerard has spent over 15 years in the fitness industry, and has seen countless trainers make the same mistakes regarding lifestyle and behavior coaching. He has witnessed too many clients fail to achieve their goals, and trainers struggle to retain clients over the long run. Gerard is motivated to raise the bar of the industry, and help trainers communicate with their clients in a way that leads to client success, fulfillment, and a long standing, professional relationship.

In this episode I referenced Derek Hansen’s Episode with Gerard - here’s a link - listening to it will give you an even better understanding of what Gerard is all about.

The link to Gerard and Samura’s course hosted at Compound Performance is here

To connect with Gerard, you can follow him on IG

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You can also head to

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Episode 196 - Katie St. Clair on Empowering Others and Strengths from External Perspectives

This is Katie’s second appearance on The Lifestyle Chase. She first appeared on the show on May 25, 2020 for Episode 124 so you can learn more about her by going back to that episode.

You will also hear us give shout outs to a few other people and be able to go back and listen to their episodes as well.

Katie St. Clair ( on IG) is running her Empowered Performance Program in a few weeks. You can learn more about her and the program here

In this episode we talked about some of the parts of the year that tested us to not look back and make big moves. For Katie, it was taking time for herself and actually going on a holiday. It was also leaning into others to see where her strengths were and where she could recruit the talents of others.

We talked about how trolling and unfollowing can be tough to handle on social media and went over a few of the things that we need to remember when it comes to what goes on in a cell phone vs. what goes on in real life.

To learn more about the host, Chris Liddle, you can follow along @christianliddle on IG and follow the show @thelifestylechase

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