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[Podcast] Doing Nice Things for People— Chris Liddle with guest Derek Stanley, The Lifestyle Chase


The Year of Recognizing True Accomplishments: With Lee Boyce — Chris Liddle with guest Lee Boyce, The Lifestyle Chase

Lee Boyce has carved out an excellent career in the industry as a strength coach, presenter, and writer. He and host Chris Liddle chat about Boyce’s career trajectory, how he pivoted in 2020, and how he hones his writing craft. His matter-of-fact yet humble approach to both long-form writing and social media has earned him respect across the industry and recognition from the lay public. He talks about the value of in-person conferences—both as a participant and a presenter. He believes in engagement and interaction. Boyce believes in being the absolute best at teaching the basics and continues to write to stay ahead. Fitness pros and coaches will find Lee’s career inspiring in terms of what you can accomplish with hustle and a thirst for learning.

— Mike Howard

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